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“Natasha Beautiful Thought is such an inspiring woman. Her love for people is truly shown in all the work that she does. As a young woman, I really look up to her for many reasons. She carries herself with such grace, dignity and professionalism, and best of all, she uses her gifts and talents to glorify God and uplift other people.”


“...a place where love greets you at the door, friendly faces, handshakes and hugs from mere strangers but not strangers ...friends from God. . .divine connections. I would say wholesome entertainment , but that's not enough it's a place that moves your soul into a stillness where there was once chaos. . . A place to heal. . . A place of metamorphosis. . . You won't leave like you came. . . 
At 'The Peaceful Poetic Place' ”


“The '1st Fridays Beautiful Thought' event is a wonderful experience. There's a cool, artsy vibe at the Detroit Vintage Coffee venue. It's a laid back atmosphere where people are free to share their musical, poetic, and spoken word talents. The performers connect and interact with the audience, generating a synergy that changes you on the inside, touches your feelings, and stimulates your thoughts. You won't leave the same as when you came.”


“I love it every time I come. The poets are very welcoming, The host is amazing, and there is always something I can take home with me.”


“The venue is filled with such elegance. Every event has a beautiful, warm, cozy, comfortable, respectful atmosphere. Natasha has such regal persona about herself and is so talented. I love attending when I can and I encourage everyone that has a love for art and poetry to experience 'The Peaceful Poetic Place', it will be one to remember.”


“Natasha is not only an awesome gift to the world of poetry and self expression, but she is also very knowledgeable and wise in the 'sense' of what it takes to make your event enjoyable. She was my consultant/planner for my annual Poetry In Motion event, 2016. My host for that night cancelled due to an emergency and she calmly stepped up to help me host and we had an awesome night!! I would recommend Consulting By Anée to the masses! THANK YOU AGAIN!”


“Beautiful Thought is an Amazing orator and artist. She blends very well articulation, wisdom, intelligence, and creativity with a powerful, yet gentle and humble soul, beauty and grace.”


“She has a strong work ethic and is always professional. In addition, she is a joy to be around, graceful and dedicated. I see her as an emerging leader in our community.”


“I cant wait until our next festivity! Consulting by Anée took all the confusion of trying to organize our Red Tie party and put it together with a breeze! Thanks so much for the wonderful entertainment you were extremely organized and professional. It turned out great! I would absolutely refer her services to anyone. Thanks so much!”


“I really love her spirit, her excellence, and her integrity. Natasha Anée works hard to ensure her clients have a great experience and want to come back. I highly recommend her.”


“Phenomenal service! Love how she puts events together, leaving no stone unturned. She often puts great detail into the small things that a lot of consultants will overlook. I highly recommend using her services to create a first-class event for you!”


“Natasha also known as 'Beautiful Thought' carries herself with such grace and elegance which reflects all her work, from speaking poetry to hosting empowering events. You can see and feel the evidence or presence of God during these events. There is such peace, and all the people from talent, vendors, and even audience members are very diverse and a joy to be around. I was privileged to speak a few times at her events and I can really say that those experiences helped mold and shaped me into becoming a more fearless spoken word artist.”


“I have had the honor of working with Ane'e for a number of years as Music Director for one of her Open Mic Series. She is always professional and extremely gracious. As a freelance Musician, I value her support in booking me to perform at different events, or even partnering with me to accompany her at her own events.”


“Natasha definitely believes in operating out of the spirit of excellence! There has yet to be an event I’ve attended that has been hosted by her that has not been top-notch. Superb work!”


“I have been able to book two different clients so far and our relationship is wonderful. I was happy for the communication and professionalism shown throughout the process and I look forward to working together on many more endeavors!”


“Natasha Anée (Beautiful Thought) is an amazing talent scout in addition to being a phenomenal artist in her own right she is able to quickly judge talent and place them into suitable platforms.”


“My experience was nothing but peaceful. Well organized polite...Everyone was welcomed with love...AND THE EVENT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It promoted growth through love and support to me. I will definitely return to any event hosted by Consulting by Anée”


“Natasha Anée (Beautiful Thought) is an amazing host, poet, artist and performer. She's hosted several of my open mic events at my business, Best Artist Management, LLC / Bam Studio, and I've been very impressed by her professionalism and reliability. I give her 5 stars because her ability to reach others with her profound and encouraging words is simply a gift.”


Natasha was a delight to work with. She was very prompt in her communication and we could tell from our first phone call with her about the project just how much care and thought she was putting into the piece. On event day she was on time and well prepared. Her performance was wonderful and the piece aligned with our event goal and message. the audience loved it. I would recommend her and work with her again!


"I don’t even know where to start, I’ll just start with Natasha is AMAZING! From being a great communicator to a more amazing artist, whew everything was perfect. Natasha added the icing to the inmate feeling I wanted to give at my birthday dinner. She was so professional yet personable and just sweet. Let’s talk about her art. Let’s just say it was so captivating that I look forward to attending any events she will be performing at, along with any open mics she is performing at. Natasha’s poetry pieces created stories along with appreciating topics like jazz and friendship. She was able to touch on being in the moment and appreciating the now. I can go on and on with my experience with Natasha.

Needless to say I will definitely recommend her services as well as I will look forward to booking her again for futures events I have. DO NOT MISS out on this gem of a spoken word artist!"


We hired Natasha to perform spoken word of encouragement at our foster parent appreciation dinner. We enjoyed her performance. She has an overall lovely demeanor and was very easy to work with. One of the things that I appreciated the most about working with her was that during the planning she was very clear on what she would be doing. She made sure I understood what to expect. She was very prompt in getting back to me if I needed anything. I highly recommend this creative artist.


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