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Spoken Soul I: Perfect Imperfections

Spoken Soul I: Perfect Imperfections

This is real-life poetry and music. This is both an introduction to the award-winning artist, "Beautiful Thought", and a glimpse into her soul. The full project is imperfectly perfect illustrating that God can use all things for an even greater purpose.


You will not be disappointed with this freshman album of spoken soul by "Beautiful Thought". Any minute nuances you might hear were left to illustrate all things work together perfectly for the good of those who love the Lord. When you listen you will be surprised to know that only two pieces were recorded in the studio, others on Garage Band or a cell phone. Nonetheless, this cd is definitely highly professional with the expertise of the music and production team. The music is a perfectly blended compliment enhancing the message and overall spoken word experience.

"If Only", "The Old Me" - recorded at Acoustik Soundz Studios, Southfield, MI, Engineer: Conru "Blacque" Carpenter
"Savannah's Song", Mastering - A-Dot, Phoenix, AZ
Music production & Mixing - Spontane E.M.P.A.C.T. Production, LLC, Kansas City, MO
Co-Mixing & Mastering - Todd "Throne Music" Johnson, Detroit, MI

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