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Welcome To My World

Leave your preconceptions at the door and get ready for something sophisticated, unique, and refreshing.

Over the years I’ve had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with some great talent from various genres

and art forms and grace some historic platforms.

I’m honored to invite you to engage with the various gifts and talents.


Holiday Special rerelease -
1 bonus track
+ 3 hidden tracks

Perfect Imperfections: Spoken Soul I

Some of us had to learn our talents others discovered them once we exhaled. They were there all along. I am a butterfly that developed from the freedom of spoken word. 

Spoken Soul I: Perfect Imperfections

$8 (current Holiday Sale price) 

PURCHASE original album HERE​​​

(cd photo - Dedan Photography)


"I humbly bow my head, as God brings the words to my heart that need to be said..."

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