Consulting by Anée

Detroit, Michigan

©2019 by Natasha Anée Sansom, All Rights Reserved.

Welcome To My World


Leave your preconceptions at the door and get ready for something sophisticated, unique, and refreshing.

I AM Poet, Host, Speaker, Actress, Model, Event Planner/Producer.

Over the years I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some great talent of various genres and art forms. 

I’m honored to invite you to get to know me and engage with me through my various gifts and talents.

(photo - Ponya Bishop Photography)



Some of us had to learn talents but some of us discovered them once we began exhaling. I am a butterfly that developed through spoken word. I am art in every form. 

Purchase my spoken word cd on

Spoken Soul I: Perfect Imperfections

(cd photo - Dedan Photography)



"I humbly bow my head, as God brings the words to my heart that need to be said...

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